Harsh realities sting.

Grew up without a father figure, so i figured out my father, a liar, won’t beg a pardon on it because am hard and on for the truth, been played about like a choir, so in the memories that once warmed the heart, the melting has began and it’s all fading away, if I’m left questioning as if I had no right, this furnace burns out the melted wax to vapour, loosing all to find the best is an acceptance bitter and less of the sweet, for now until the darkness shines no longer against the light.

Enjoy your lifetime because a rehearsal is not a glimpse you can sight, if you lack in one place, the other can be a fill, fall out and nothing counts no more, for sure it is if you understand that, heard in order to be free you should stop running away, face the problem head on, think of it as taking the bull by the horns, fight and never accept loss, good always prevails.

Harsh realities sting


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