Argued: “logic without reason”

On that night, it was chilly, glued to their coats were the creatures who were up and about, ever conner led to the next, a new vision, if videos could be recorded in thought then the temporal amnesia would be a story worth forgetting, intoxicated in the quarters of the Nairobi half life, the life of the dusk to dawn phase breathes heavily on the other side that’s just a slumber away.

The end month is here again just as the past predicts the last and the weeks passed before the last, a constant wave of dramatic changes take root, the currency circulation is fixed, it’s also proven that it fluctuates but depending on a weightily scale, the strings pulled, right or wrong will cause a majority left with less close to nothing and the other major with much close at a lot, imagine if it currently stopped and like a water shortage effect, a rationing is put to effect, like a curfew, the first question that pops up in mind will lead to the reaction which in short is your personal action as a persona.

A breakdown takes effect before a breakthrough comes nesting at your doorstep, I personally can say that that’s a benefit of leaving the welcome doormat at the entrance.

Argued: “logic without reason”


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