Advice to all.

Drugs, a debate that’s arguably the most interesting, it’s like a world of it’s own and it’s both fruitful and not, depending mostly on the light that you shine upon it.Under the influence of it’s enticement, if one is without control, then its like you driving a car with a steering wheel that can neither turn to the left nor to the right, so, would the vice versa of it be applicable?

Do you believe and/or see that we are all addicts just but of different versions, classes or kinds, we all as human beings possess the powerful power of masterful art of control, we all different but of the same liking, flesh and blood.

Picture soap, the purpose of each that exists is one, to clean, but the kinds are literally different, so the only difference you can give to an addict is the same advice you can give all addicts.

LOVE yourself wholesomely first, because no one else will, accept yourself to yourself in relation to the truth and in the long run you’ll realise that it can take one day to build up your own version of Rome but it has to start from within.

One of the greatest commandments is love and we were asked to love one another, love you’re neighbour as you love yourself.

You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself, advice once given to a tormented soul.

Advice to all.


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