In My Own Words.

In a sanctuary, defined by both good and bad, the halls seem deep and dark, like no end is at the end, quiet as slumber, vulnerability follows as time consumes you, age after age, weak and alone, you seem forgotten and neglected, the echo of your cries are heard on the left, on the right where i stand the image of this humble abide is different, but why should it not be, you care less of this and more of you, greedy is thee, yes greedy is we, plain and simple is all that we seek to find, an answer to each question asked is a best we need, but what happens when the answers we seek cannot be found, you stuck, tongue tied, help dose, reality check, boy you in quicksand, every move drives you deep quicker than the last, swimming in the deep waters of life, your either a drop of rain in the ocean or the storm over the ocean, believe deeply and all shall come to pass, explore new heights, discover new depths, enjoy life, curve your destiny, define who you are, the sanctuary, your reality, my pain, your remorse… but that was then, step into this place, yes the renovations did work


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