Dusk turns dawn.

Blank looks between the pair of sights, struggling to vision and it’s said that my choice has an excuse, always trying to find the good in the worst shown and as a self reminder, every piece counts, stick to your guns, this but just a thought that loops continuously in the chamber it has been recorded in, the plan was on the move and the set up was made to restore peace, stability in their world would mean well, should the shaken stand firm still if they got shook off their roots.
How could the vision play out clear if the lenses were stained with the blood of it’s cracking scar, so evident that it could be seen from the furthest point sight could light.
Alas, the one who needed most was took, up and down taken, merged them by the center na io ilikua kama kuona maji na mafuta zikipatana na kushikana.
One side grew to the opposite of the other. If one half is better of the other, then the other is better as it is worse.
The cold of winter is coming, ice will freeze in the tropical storm, hail will cause havoc and the surface shall melt and liquidate, when the dust settles and the path is clear, the tears will be gone and the hurt will be no more. In the memories of yesterday one envisions today.
If you trust in change, then let go of the past that pains, not all mean harm, not all stand with you firm. Those willing to help stick around, those that don’t either stay as pests or flee, at the very simple glance of the reverse the good shines and the bad fades as the morning sunrise, dusk turns dawn, and always remember that others curse and the best bless.


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