A queen can cause a difference.

At that moment when you realise that you have, you question yourself and wonder if it’s actually true, I mean, it’s happening.

How come you made this happen and I thought I had the tank empty, the bucket was kicked in relation to what happened, you watched as the persona broke, as a mere peasant walking about blind in the crowd you saw the persona and called.

The one who lost was damaged but the nurse to the patient came out and helped, the princess and the frog, the beauty and the beast, how could a broken toy be of such value, royalty don’t mix with the common just as she did.

Black butterfly, this time you took him, above and beyond, alas, you created change from your touch, how could words explain the magnitude that shook his whole world, just by a glance.

You made him feel it, you made him see it, you made him change and by this you made him strong as you watched him heal.


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