Who really can say?

As I opted to put a touch to the screen, influence was raised as a red flag, while looking through the archives I then realised that there was a time when things were different, in this I mean from the basic views and the aspects to which drove and pushed the wheels to turn, when the ignition was done and the engine rumbled, I took it upon myself to keep a close ear and listen.The silent voice is usually the loudest and can influence it’s audience, how one interprets things varies by person and the personal digest of information received, being literate does not necessarily make you knowledgeable, it just means you on a level of understanding that’s first unique to self, then with others as a class.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, content is mainly what matters, always remember this like how you look before you leap, also remember that looks can be deceiving but on the other hand also intriguing.

So, is a person considered literally mad or insane necessarily that?


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