Speech towards myself.

At lack I currently feel, an absence that the only sense is your fill, a favourite you are to me and can words make you understand what pumps through my heart, a question I keep looping in my head as a series that I’ve watched over and over again, I hear voices through songs and zone out and visualise how much better things would be by you and vice versa.

Knowing that you mine does not drive away the insecure feeling that hunts me, your mine and sharing you is an option away from the reality I can, test me and death is the only thing that will take away my power, just for that split second ju najua love concurs all, someone told me that they look up to me because of what I show towards you and I questioned myself to be honest if you do too.

Embrace the beauty of what is because none can be, such are for the hearted that feel it and understanding is limited, beauty is found truly in those that love from the heart.

Advice that came from within if I may say.

Truth is expressed and I personally don’t want to fall short of the reality in me.


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