Do you believe that this is?

When someone knows your weaknesses and has the power to manipulate them to their choice, your usually left vulnerable, in plain sight as a moving target with no obstacles obstructing and soon you can either become the one who is broken or the one who is protected and it’s usually one of the two, if a wish could be to think about it, would you actually do it?
The choice is usually theirs mostly and not yours but occasionally the vice versa comes out like it’s in season.
To build or to destroy, these are options one can choose from but remember deeply that, it’s only those that prove worthy who receive an award if it’s surely that, a locked door is different from one that’s not and if you have the key, then you hold a power none else has owned.
Do you ever feel the emotion that drives you to need, upon what basis would that question be fit to answer, in the different things that bring about this, I don’t think that I can but knowing, it would come to be, if you are, are you needed as you need, how would one know if it’s not flagged in front of sight.
A secure heart beats well rather than one that’s not and the rhythm is one that’s a blessing, peace is a gift and truth is surely the fuel that sustains the flame of trust.


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