The Tropical Twist.

Okey, once agin I come back so this is no rehearsal tonight, an often visit is permanent, remember taking seat by the pavement as we played kid, I mean I once was small as a seed, reference to the known logic of a mustered seed, what you feed is a food product, bliss bila lack, na inatokanga kutoka above, just look up.
Dusk turns dawn, the phase in between is shared, we all have Twenty Four, even as the numbers, ladies first is a gentleman’s remark but for one who’s gentle, a lady deserves the title once amepass, yaani class is that of a boss, every Don needs that missing piece to be complete, but what about the missing piece, does it need it’s whole.

Both can survive on their own but when they together, they live.

Understanding is key, I feel the itch to speak, to fix ju in reality, peace ni power itakuput at ease, fees paid na hakuna kuchujwa kwenda mtaa ju hakuna, njugu mtu hutafuna kama salad, mtu akishikisha, think of the best ju iko na it’s the best in the market, people will charge you for it and yet, it’s free, penda na sio mimi nilisema, ilisemekana even before my existence and from the past one can learn, it’s like playing a game again na the only thing is to find the right strategy to help reach the finals, playoffs soon approaching na the wining team progresses but the other, well, suspense ni intense.

Kakangu alinishow, dude, in this mood you know you should not be afraid of death, it’s just around the corner watching and waiting for God to say huyo ndio next, in that split second before the Hiroshima effect was reincarnated in thought, I was away ju nilikua blown, weka tweet kwa phone, back to the story na unajua advertising campaigns exist, that Did You Know Moment, it’s just simple physics, si Kiswahili ni the Two Five Four version of English, na watu walisema nothing is possible huku, piracy na tactic imeividhwa, I see you scratching your head in amazement, we all just monkeys, but it depends on your understanding, just.


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