This came to me.

Ntakuonesha menoo kama bugs bunny, sio funny ju ni reality na reaction sio fantasy, lust ni weakness largest ya flesh, one that’s not a must, the only thing that would guide is control, not of others but that of self, if you don’t understand yourself, you will not be able to do the same for others. A reasonable conversation with parties of hostile background, between the phase, the stronger one always wins on an uneven match, linked up like heads and tails, flip the coin and remember the vows, head(s) of the family, husband, keeping your tail(s) on toes, wife na nimsharp kama knife, think about it, silence, sio nonsense, ni sence yenye iko na spoken words in past tense, unaskianga ati nyuma ya kila budha amemake ni mama, na she is not no ordinary one. 
Giving thanks is simple, truth is the best that comes from the heart, na out of hurt, mtu roho, geuka kama tint ya specs, but peace can offer an explanation, think of it, as a release, putting that bag down after a long time, mizigo na massage ya kukufanya you relax, let God take control, one way or another if you think about it, He is Alpha and Omega, the best beginning and the best end, who else can offer peace, God Only, ju no man is the best as Him, Love is a key, the key depending on the story on narration, imagine the world a room, imagine we are like family living together and the exit key is one you can use and everyone has their own copy, open the door and thinking outside the box will be a milestone worth chatting about


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