When the tables turn.

Committed, he hinted then the thought of freeing his mind came to mind, after the deed yet to be done was a quagmire of things, that freendom, kushema kama mkamba, this came about and the things learnt are many, pause and have some time to free your mind, in the zone feel like am on one, pawns against the rest and turned out be the king, backed up by a queen and an army of knights, bishops there for that holy moment, grown from the time back then when the past seemed to be the best, in the future looking back and I get to enjoy the present, thank you for the gift Dad, can’t wait to come home soon and know how it’s been, heaven is for real and am looking forward to be home, hustling through life and got advice from my biological father, bidii ni Mali, ili ule wali lazima uvune ulichopanda, reep what you sow, is the translation, are you understanding what I mean, question to they that feel the need to see you fall, haters end up in ditches, y’all a cute family of mitches and bitches, am wolf pack grown, so you know we packed and tight, flashlights and guns, fire the rounds every round you go round, on the merry go round getting views way far from ground, like a blood hound at work and you the treasure to be found, y’all be hunt down.


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