Listen, the voice crys.

On a judgment based on self realisation, it’s ethical to reference one’s self, as taking a selfie indicates, does one not look at the digital mirror that captures your own reflection, but what happens when you look beyond it, do you see greater than the other or just as the average?
In a dream I saw and felt, looking deep into the cracks that darkness sips through from, the images flashed back and forth between the two line, I approached a reading that was just as a storyline in an effort to voice a silence that is loud it’s just that ignorance has clouded the blue sky’s beauty of our lives and understanding.
Scars remain once wounds heal and I once heard that prevention is better than cure but in reference to the point worth bringing home again, si skio la kufa haliskii dawa, picture it as an image being painted and each stroke is one you can’t undo as it’s impossible, an imprint of opening your eyes is awakening a part of you.
Keep hint on the emphasis, a turn around is a change, flip a leaf or sum’n, truth exists with a quench of the real, be humble, thats a reference that exists in a special book, The One And Only, Bible verses are wise paragraphed letters and the secret is public for sharing, it’s a choice and its free, a few words of wisdom are stepping stones, each gain, each word, obedient to the purpose of the purpose it owns, realised am a creation, the pot to the Potter, if I’ve just seen the bottom, what about the top, it’s like looking at a mirror, reflection in slow motion and the reaving is a daily journey, the guide is free, yaani, without fee.
Ask the real question is a beginning that follows to the next, a prayer makes a difference, it’s just a speech away, believe, no lie, Daddy fix, fixes, fixed and fixing is a current that occurs, listen to the voice you can anciently listen to, feast among the wisdom, knowing yourself is peace, like a chakra worth opening, like taking a relief of that pressure after taking a piss, not a diss, just a rhythm with a rhyme you can reason with, options lead towards a choice, self made.
Saying No is one, also Yes, based on a dated story, can a story gage helpfully, on the basis of choice, look deep within and notice if you feel, walking around with an aim, home bound and the evils crept up, alone the persona was, at peace and the results gave a different reality than expected, listen to the cries from a distance, you can’t ignore it, brutal visions recorded as a graph in a graphic sequence, raising and the pain altered the balance in the ambiance of peace, positive with a condition, persona’s choice, taking with, without the love, the presence of hurt grew, forced down to the power that left the persona with less, just as the opposite of your right hand name, left by side, the state of an aftermath dawned, wounded and washed clean with the dirt.
Choice yours to sit on the egg of truth, beneficial in the long run, let God guide your step, after the first, the rest will be a best.
Personas, your brothers and sisters are, rhetorical answer, love is pure and healing can take away a wound, a scar can grow you, positive or negative, only one stands, copy how real friend neighbours like live, each home as a body, reference to self, take it personal like skin, your own underneath, of a same likeness, who?


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