Memory of Then…

…at a time in my past I felt lost, unloveable, the outcast and as I stepped before her my heart bet faster as the distance between us shortened, it came to me that things were soon to change, painful it was, plus the worst was yet to dock on his shores, in the chill of the cold of the almost Christmas night, there they stood against the cold wall under the moonlight that shone from the left, she spoke up and those words left him broken, I felt like nothing, my love was gone, what we had just ended, though I wanted to stay, I personally couldn’t and so he left, for some reason it felt colder than before, with every step it was like the ice box in my heart had grown more than the last, the pain became bigger than me enormous and I just bottled it all up and to the world I became cold, he that I once was laid to rest by me, cold as dead I felt and nothing mattered anymore, the tears, I shed, the heart, broken too into pieces I couldn’t pick up, reality soon sunk in and each day, as it came he lived by, a period of my life that was on a pain path, that I soon lost myself.


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