The past is like dust, it settles at its own pace.

Another morning has come and dawn is a scent away and I’m still with the same feeling.

How come was a question she labelled as one, as for the rest of them, all just seemed the same, unwanted, I heard that the qualifications of the standards were a match to the ugly duckling as a story in consideration, but as a reference to the current situation.
Lost in the streets, the black stretch walled by these sky high structures was the only way through, victims paraded themselves along the stretch just to get that cent, the lifestyle was forced rather than taken as a choice, selling herself was not in her dreams, as any other person who comes out from the rural areas, the big city was a dream worth running towards, naive she was and at it’s epitome it bloomed, the vultures that take hunt on such, claw deep into the innocence of them and the weak get lost in the vast ocean of their enticing mirage.

Unfortunately she was one among the many who drunk from the fountain and out of these waters she was plunged deep down inside the feeling.

“I once thought of him as a king,” she muttered under her gasping effort to hold back her tears from being exposed. “He rapped and devoured my innocence, prisoned me into this addiction and a slave I am now, look at me well and tell me if you can find it in you to desire me?”

It’s not easy to understand the unknown, but the reasons why she came out were not of a selfish gain, it was for an effort to voice a silence that had tormented her long enough.
When someone comes to the city for the first time ever, confusing it actually feels, remember when you went to boarding school for the very first time or rather, the first day of school, literally, it just is, the concrete jungle is nothing in comparison with the vast horizon hitting landscapes of the countryside, “everything looked the same, even the people”, she told me earlier.
She met up with him in one of the high end restaurants in the city, out of all the days she had been spending in the city, nothing came her way and on this day alikua ameangukia bahati nzuri, after a couple of minutes of word exchange, sema promises, she caved in to the things she was told, swept off her feet with empty visions, stories and no sooner than had, she was an addict.

She didn’t know that this guy she met up with was turning her into a tool for work, pimped out and no was not a choice she could give out, she need the hook, that fix to remove the glitch, the twitch of which hakujua.
“Every time was a worst time, pain was constant feed to the point it became too much to bare and numb soon came to me shortly after my eighth abortion, it became too common ju like a public matatu I just was”, she said this and looked away towards the window, it was like the wheels in her mind we turning towards a specific memory, “how broken has she been by the daily encounters she faced?” I asked myself as I took a glance at the time reminding her that our time was almost up.


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