This, I wrote.

The calm existed just before and after, a master’s vision to a student, on the quest to find thyself one must loose all that they had, across on the battle field, the blood spilled, the sounds fade then silence invades, choose wise where you wanna be, fuck being on the winning team, would rather be on the understanding end, above on the fence over the hedge, by the edge, thinking that six feet deep is worth it, glued on bound ends, it’s painful to be in pain, drained by the effort, remember listening to my heart beat, don’t let it fade, am asking you not to let go, when you let go all will literally be gone, it’s a long way down, wishing that I could change that frown upside down.
Hit rock bottom and lost the crown, survived the fall wishing on falling stars, emptiness grows as the darkness consumes the soul before it turned cold.
I can call her an angel as she appeared and changed the hard heart he now owned, as the midnight bell struck, things had changed, up the scale, up to the edge only to find out he was up there all along, watching the sunset view, in arm was the queen, this, I wrote before.


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