Choose nice and wise.

On that day he was totally mixed up, not knowing by how much but mostly in every aspect measured, from basic feeling to the physical aspects related to the events that happened, those that were happening and to those that were yet to happen.
That last day before the time came to allow the departure to occur was upon him and the conflict battled deep within, in this cage fighting to break out and the elements needed were rare, close to unknown, it’s like looking straight at thin air after a disappearing act, fact is starting maybe would have helped but numbers literally turned into distance by every drop of fuel that got burnt.
Above the ground and the speed was more than the famous route eleven commonly known to they that understand it’s ways, on one side darkness had already taken it’s course of action and on the other end the light in the horizon seemed to disappear like a candle that’s going dim as it burns out.
How such beauty existed was a jaw dropping effect that stared back at him as the reflection of him was seen from an angle with the lighting helping.
Saying goodbye for an indefinite period was traumatising, it’s like loosing all at once and hoping on the unknown to know, how can a blind person find his or her way across a street and he or she is lost in the city mistaken as a town to them?
Face it as fear, shift it like a gear and all will be dear, as like while one is hunting and the spear used results with dinner at one end, think of the delight as an insight.
Being alone is scary, being vulnerable to anything is definitely defenceless, judging a book by the cover is a step that’s snared.


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