Just look.

The saddest thing ever at this split second of thought, is that people look at material before love, forgetting their own is a blur vision they can’t get right, fighting for sum’n they don’t but do have.
Just focus and look right, you’ll see THE light.



On one knee I am again like a remix is, one thing I feel heavily just for you, I need you, your my better half, heaven sent, queen and empress, you impress me and this I must confess, they say, east or west, home is best and in my chest is a place where you can feel at home and rest, I mean you can access because you have the map and key to the treasure chestnut, it beats in a rhythm and every time you around there is a shift, like a spark effect, sum’n unexplainable, great as the rift and in this world I called us you made me fall hard and it’s like the fault in our stars is a story about the feeling that stands out.

Am looped in this trance and I personally love the effects you drug me with, hug me and these chills are real as the goosebumps and you can feel them.

In truth, I love you so much and you the one, my life partner and Mrs.

One view.

Looking like a clown is just but a noun.Bonded without a frown and that’s happy as a bride in her gown, picha price, nyingi kuliko pound, it carries weight, ina uzito, yaani ni evident ju evidence ni clear na sio camera copy.

By I.

Insight in the presence where light is only found by sight, I mean bearing after the seed of realisation, the truth is a fruit, sweet but bitter, the shift of feel  that just depends on the taste that’s entirely pure to self.

Ngunga Mbithi

Before the action.

When you look back and visually get stunned, the reality is immense, while you process each fragment, a sequence of images that play about are a triggered effect.
Clear your mind of all, see nothing, imagine nothing, a car that’s off is not virtually alive but one that’s idle is just about to provide and prove it’s worth, let go of all and step into the wind empty as void, floating as a leaf, facing your fears and deal with the results as the ground held firm.
One’s sight is as powerful as the one that’s given from the Lord, yaani heaven sent. 

Just waana let you know.

In truth you are like an essence that’s essentially just essential, special, I mean contagious, my own versioned flu and remedy to the sickness that you engulf me with like a flame, your influence stretches beyond words and this jaw drop is an effect that’s effective and it’s put into action like a judge does, same persona who found me guilty na sio ati nadanganya, ni wewe kama mwangaza kwa giza, kwa hii relationship we call us, umewaka na the sparkle in your eyes my hypnosis, a mass that’s massive in action and in my head you drive me crazy, at heart you change the very rhythm of beat, driving me like a tinted car and the sparks that rule the night sky are a reminder of our own July, works of fire exploding continuously with every blow you knock me down with, that song is a reference and am spinning, Mary didn’t make me go round but you did, you scared me so I guess you are a permanent mark in my life, the member to my club, I mean our, pardon my selfishness but I just want you to myself like a selfie, hashtag wink.