Just waana let you know.

In truth you are like an essence that’s essentially just essential, special, I mean contagious, my own versioned flu and remedy to the sickness that you engulf me with like a flame, your influence stretches beyond words and this jaw drop is an effect that’s effective and it’s put into action like a judge does, same persona who found me guilty na sio ati nadanganya, ni wewe kama mwangaza kwa giza, kwa hii relationship we call us, umewaka na the sparkle in your eyes my hypnosis, a mass that’s massive in action and in my head you drive me crazy, at heart you change the very rhythm of beat, driving me like a tinted car and the sparks that rule the night sky are a reminder of our own July, works of fire exploding continuously with every blow you knock me down with, that song is a reference and am spinning, Mary didn’t make me go round but you did, you scared me so I guess you are a permanent mark in my life, the member to my club, I mean our, pardon my selfishness but I just want you to myself like a selfie, hashtag wink.


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