He Said.

Your heart is the purest yet you think mine is, you love me the monster, the village villain, you see the good in me and I crumble in my past, prodigal son, feel alone and this lonely place you fill with this version of light, I need you, guess am needy of you, your going and I feel you leaving, minutes away from the future and the truth will spread where it’s placed.In the past I hid what I felt, now it lights up, you know how I feel about you, you a lot you feel, I love you so much.

I void filled, empty, I now feel again and I came back broken.


Numb as Nothing.

Peace of mind left and now the pieces conjure a heart felt beat, three sides coin a toss, back and forth like circus flips, call me a clown without the reversed frown, bleeding to the tips, watching as it all drips, delicious to the last drop they said once, lost in this caged cage, staged as an act with different manipulated characters from the puppet master as actors, factors cause effects as reactors, tankers war on blast, its a battle field out there, chest pains, those screams and shouts and screams echoing, twice back and forth through the blood stream as the room with chambers crack, reality struck and facts hurt me, you, us, we.

Finding Difference.

A heart’s desire away from pain, a pill bitter to the swallowing process, looking for comfort away from the constant suffering.
Being alone is a language well known by loners, broken beyond the restrains bones stomach, flesh devoured, torn and the rapture havocs deep within, though they moan in abriviating tones, it’s grown nature is torture only the tormented soul it owns.
Phones call, feeling this drive raging again, this shift rifts the solid foundation and the broken glass can’t be restored at it’s current state to it’s reverse fate, it’s like a burden, a curse that eats slowly at the core, waiting, ticking to explode.
Quiet, listen, the clock is heard in the distance, the passing is ledgend.
Only time rules it’s nature with perfection, dawn comes after dusk, it’s past, just look back and see, they were lost as the Peter Pan boys.


Niliskia ati mwanaume ni kujitetea, mwanamke ati kuingia box, kwa wale wanajua, think unisex and that’s a mutual feeling.

Just defined ying yang, deep thought about it.
Ain’t that just make/made sense?
Your half will fit, twists and turns shift between angles, every plan is like a script, tint dark and the similar opposite, like a test, red tight fit, dilemma struck..

Blood colour na giza, chagua kama persona anaona, looks decive, na a text was a first, the rest just followed unvailing a premiere as an every tick, that tocks.
The moment, components of the contestants, pause and visualise, your painting is a picture, your tone is song, your imagination is personal but those who share that bond..

Believe, ain’t nothing powerful as it, think about it, the image wet from the just painted piece in script, advice from one who is lit, this Light..

Irronic it shines for a reason, a comma is a word used in the content, depends on your vision.
So I bend the rule as the blend or rather actually, ain’t it just roots, a cross breed, rangi ni ya ngozi, tone depends on the..

You know..
Racist for loving my own, heard our kind can’t be that, inside joke before the stop is full.
Influence of a differece from, from..

The tension builds, neighbours who teach.
Friendship without character is not beneficial, between hosts of a common or not common, mutual or not mutual, beneficial or non beneficial bonds, or is it, views do varry, advice is none but the word, six letters of sense, some answers are just as, one, “like a qusetion of yes or no; the answer.”

Choice is personal, the rest is just influence like sum’n that might alter the angles approched, thinking, this feeling, that sensation, remembering, that awkward split second just seems to count.
It’s just as it has, ‘do you feel the bounce’, returns are best described as..