Finding Difference.

A heart’s desire away from pain, a pill bitter to the swallowing process, looking for comfort away from the constant suffering.
Being alone is a language well known by loners, broken beyond the restrains bones stomach, flesh devoured, torn and the rapture havocs deep within, though they moan in abriviating tones, it’s grown nature is torture only the tormented soul it owns.
Phones call, feeling this drive raging again, this shift rifts the solid foundation and the broken glass can’t be restored at it’s current state to it’s reverse fate, it’s like a burden, a curse that eats slowly at the core, waiting, ticking to explode.
Quiet, listen, the clock is heard in the distance, the passing is ledgend.
Only time rules it’s nature with perfection, dawn comes after dusk, it’s past, just look back and see, they were lost as the Peter Pan boys.


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