Key reflections in the reflections that Key..

I recently wrote this..
Saying am strong is nothing if I clearly can see you bleed through the cracks in the walls you effortlessly try and hold up, I know your weaknesses and I also know your strengths, nothing counts now and I assure you sum’n will always last forever, upende usipende, na io ni kitu I can bet on both our graves.

Your choice is an aftermath to the options you contain as a persona.

Nangangana na hii maisha, kusema ii ukweli jua yaniumiza, machozi zamwagika all over, na ati I bleed and reek of this foul stench yenye shida zangu zimetandaa kama blangeti.


Jua ati hope na advice kwa wale wamekaa base, big minds speak big things, wamekuja kunisort nami nawasupport just for the phase, every moment a lesson, student listening, wearing glasses like they blocking the shade, my skin tan and the dark from the hustle I’ve effortlessly fought for but no gain is of profit, problems sock the drought filled depths, what if.

Ati nafeel kama miye ngamia, wananikatia ndio wawezekula supper, happa kuna kadrought, fostered in a blood linked house, different like the rest, a mixed breed we are but does our link relate to the tone skinned, tinted naturally and the phase a translation of understanding, realise and accept, it may be the last or lust, the first in the era we drown in kwa ii life.

Temptations always have a way out..


Costal effects.

Sitted by the shores, staring aimlessly in amazement at the sights of the beauty I could see imaging in the lenses’ perspective of sight, imagine being a submarine submerged in a dream, visions playing without a rewind button like how Martin claimed, vaguely under cover, under the depths beyond the shores, in deep waters, dive a little deeper, under the wrath of the storm, there is a change in the weather influence as it does itself, drops are gathering, sat under the sun’s intensity feeding on some couple of vitamins, the distance between is immense.Clearly seen by those who view it.

Return to sender as the effects of the aftermath were no tender transacted, occurrence of a slippery slope enacted,scared and bruised, the originals set out to change all so as to cover their tracks but the pair was on to them.

Following each move.

No pain. No gain.

Watching as ashes form, burning up to a crisp, drinking tipsy, feeling shifty, she called from the other side.


She sang and all the memories came back to sight, a fracture in the atmosphere, warming globally and the effects affected us.

Feeling cursed and the beating of a heart’s pulse speaks purpose, fading and the rate goes and the liquid blood, tears, torn apart as an apartment after a tragedy, earthquakes war and the battle field is a ground breaking even and the mood flinched a drift.

Rolling in the deep, back then was a past, now, a presented gift, a mystery in the sights of the future.

Am reeking like the stench of temptation, frustrations in this current national situation, burst open like a loss, the city of love is havoc struck, so the effects of cupid spread like fairy dust, a happily ever after, lets think.

Villains never get happy endings.

A broken heart.

Pieces blown like dust and as they spread, beauty sprouts, a giant grows from it’s past, remember that.

Love yourself.

“..and I know she’ll be the death of me.”

I saw your heart turn cold.

I saw as your heart turned stone.

I saw as you grew numb.

I saw your love detach.

Absent and without the essence of a rhythm, it’s almost dead but alive.

Cocooned by this overwhelming feeling, stolen from the very beginning of the best thing ever.

Sum’n happened and everything changed, sum’n creeped in and all changed.

He felt it as an earthquake measuring the highest level since ever, never again were things the same, blame it on all of the bad as good had eloped with everything else and at hand they were left with nothing.

In his chest, pains, in his fill was an absence of a magnitude that made no sense and this made him tensed.

Suspended in the air in suspense, there was no fence that could conceal the breaking that caved in and crushed him leaving him empty as void.

Saying Goodbye.

I’m feeling empty as you did ile time I was leaving, since then things have changed, emotions have progresses, life has span us dishes serving all in need, I know you better, I know your secrets, I know all you think I don’t and all I know you know I know, am lacking and stumbling, caving in to this feeling and its taunting me.I’m empty and the filling is not with me, it’s with else, splendid as the reality of realising the truth.

I’m empty and I miss you even before you depart from my side, the best shade hides, they say east or west home is best, I feel evicted and I’m empty.

I feel exactly as you did when I was leaving, it’s not for long, but..

You know..

A mindful voice.

I feel like I’ve lost it, feel exhausted, alone and at cost to a purpose, filled with darkness, all is lost as the focus is drained out like water.Lifetime loss.

Mindful emptiness.

Death filled the premises as a foul stench, the tides waved over, rocking the boat as we rushed to shore, the thunder roar as the flashes clouded the air.

Pirate’s curse thats a must like dust flowing with the blowing wind.

If nature was not green but colourless, would there be life?

Imagine wind.

Free to twist and turn. 

Leaves balancing over with the flow, some fall as autumn begins to glow, it’s sunset again, good views sighted, natures delights as she turns off de lights, till dawn comes, let slumber come.

Random script.

Some time after noon, thoughts, many come to mind, crossing like Zebra, good and bad, tint ni ya Mwafrika, link ya reality, some are scary, twisted mentality, niite Frederick, Elm street and I rule these streets, lyrics deceased, killed that punch line with a sip of the punch, blended like punch and that knockout was a great punch, idea, improve sight positively like you having a carrot per day, wisdom ni blessing, love yours, niliskia J Cole akisema.Purpose is powerful.

Have you ever thought about yours, in the mind are stories and Ideas.

Up the stairs and your in check with your chambers, peaceful kama library, have you ever thought that when you give ideas out in the open, they are naked and out for the public to see, just a script, grow grows from within, it was once a dream, you can see yourself in the memories you created in the past, we plan ahead hoping, that all goes well, God given purpose is blessed.

Rest the case, the rest was all blur after sips too much.

Kubleki ni knockout punch.