Random script.

Some time after noon, thoughts, many come to mind, crossing like Zebra, good and bad, tint ni ya Mwafrika, link ya reality, some are scary, twisted mentality, niite Frederick, Elm street and I rule these streets, lyrics deceased, killed that punch line with a sip of the punch, blended like punch and that knockout was a great punch, idea, improve sight positively like you having a carrot per day, wisdom ni blessing, love yours, niliskia J Cole akisema.Purpose is powerful.

Have you ever thought about yours, in the mind are stories and Ideas.

Up the stairs and your in check with your chambers, peaceful kama library, have you ever thought that when you give ideas out in the open, they are naked and out for the public to see, just a script, grow grows from within, it was once a dream, you can see yourself in the memories you created in the past, we plan ahead hoping, that all goes well, God given purpose is blessed.

Rest the case, the rest was all blur after sips too much.

Kubleki ni knockout punch.


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