“..and I know she’ll be the death of me.”

I saw your heart turn cold.

I saw as your heart turned stone.

I saw as you grew numb.

I saw your love detach.

Absent and without the essence of a rhythm, it’s almost dead but alive.

Cocooned by this overwhelming feeling, stolen from the very beginning of the best thing ever.

Sum’n happened and everything changed, sum’n creeped in and all changed.

He felt it as an earthquake measuring the highest level since ever, never again were things the same, blame it on all of the bad as good had eloped with everything else and at hand they were left with nothing.

In his chest, pains, in his fill was an absence of a magnitude that made no sense and this made him tensed.

Suspended in the air in suspense, there was no fence that could conceal the breaking that caved in and crushed him leaving him empty as void.


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