No pain. No gain.

Watching as ashes form, burning up to a crisp, drinking tipsy, feeling shifty, she called from the other side.


She sang and all the memories came back to sight, a fracture in the atmosphere, warming globally and the effects affected us.

Feeling cursed and the beating of a heart’s pulse speaks purpose, fading and the rate goes and the liquid blood, tears, torn apart as an apartment after a tragedy, earthquakes war and the battle field is a ground breaking even and the mood flinched a drift.

Rolling in the deep, back then was a past, now, a presented gift, a mystery in the sights of the future.

Am reeking like the stench of temptation, frustrations in this current national situation, burst open like a loss, the city of love is havoc struck, so the effects of cupid spread like fairy dust, a happily ever after, lets think.

Villains never get happy endings.

A broken heart.

Pieces blown like dust and as they spread, beauty sprouts, a giant grows from it’s past, remember that.

Love yourself.


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