Costal effects.

Sitted by the shores, staring aimlessly in amazement at the sights of the beauty I could see imaging in the lenses’ perspective of sight, imagine being a submarine submerged in a dream, visions playing without a rewind button like how Martin claimed, vaguely under cover, under the depths beyond the shores, in deep waters, dive a little deeper, under the wrath of the storm, there is a change in the weather influence as it does itself, drops are gathering, sat under the sun’s intensity feeding on some couple of vitamins, the distance between is immense.Clearly seen by those who view it.

Return to sender as the effects of the aftermath were no tender transacted, occurrence of a slippery slope enacted,scared and bruised, the originals set out to change all so as to cover their tracks but the pair was on to them.

Following each move.


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