Key reflections in the reflections that Key..

I recently wrote this..
Saying am strong is nothing if I clearly can see you bleed through the cracks in the walls you effortlessly try and hold up, I know your weaknesses and I also know your strengths, nothing counts now and I assure you sum’n will always last forever, upende usipende, na io ni kitu I can bet on both our graves.

Your choice is an aftermath to the options you contain as a persona.

Nangangana na hii maisha, kusema ii ukweli jua yaniumiza, machozi zamwagika all over, na ati I bleed and reek of this foul stench yenye shida zangu zimetandaa kama blangeti.


Jua ati hope na advice kwa wale wamekaa base, big minds speak big things, wamekuja kunisort nami nawasupport just for the phase, every moment a lesson, student listening, wearing glasses like they blocking the shade, my skin tan and the dark from the hustle I’ve effortlessly fought for but no gain is of profit, problems sock the drought filled depths, what if.

Ati nafeel kama miye ngamia, wananikatia ndio wawezekula supper, happa kuna kadrought, fostered in a blood linked house, different like the rest, a mixed breed we are but does our link relate to the tone skinned, tinted naturally and the phase a translation of understanding, realise and accept, it may be the last or lust, the first in the era we drown in kwa ii life.

Temptations always have a way out..


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