At The Point Where You Are.

Feel like am growing, seed with a process that is of an unknown version, eyeing for the light but surrounded by darkness, an oak tree with a mask, tasked with a challenge, may you see the light once it rises beyond the morning horizon, as I was meant to fly and soar.Aura affected and the distance between grew greater, problem phased by an experience and he exploded, exposed and the knowledge that spread, sprouted less, as fire walks along the burning area it leaves a scar patched darker.

Was told of the end, deep down I was conflicted, confused to the very core and I no longer had the peace, woke up nimechanganyikiwa, woke up nimesahaulika, slumber no longer had dreams but nightmares.

Pain creeped, sinking deeper into the abyss, taking home the unknown, a broken you is of no use to anyone, so much so, is a broken soul too.

A heart soaked in this feeling is covered with the hurting beat of every pump, it feels like acid is flowing through my veins and arteries, looking forward for healing but that’s if I’ll make it there.


Lady In The Yellow Dress.

Last night was unlike any other, it started in the early hours of sleep and I felt my heart pumping faster with every moment that passed by, the distance between seemed like it was never going to slender, favour was upon him as he crisscrossed through the streets with the night hazards that hid gazing out at him.I had to cross across to the other side, the means proved to be a bit difficult to find but am glad I did.

He reached the destination and as he disembarked he had a slight tête-à-tête with the commander of the vessel, dispatched and took a stroll the final destination, a slight mixup led to an interesting encounter, it’s as if the split second split again and time moved in slow motion as she walked towards me, I felt sum’n take effect within me, niliskia kathithi, funny how a single glance can impair, upstairs was where I got lost and when I told her about it I felt a relief.

Went through the the pre entry process and met up with the rest, the tunes grooved the mood and tuned my strings to the flow of the beat, said hallo to old friends as I met new ones, long time no sees and nice to meet you, and you.

My focus shifted back to the lady in the yellow dress, yes her, I graphically stared and she noticed, my amazement exceeded as I watched her move, how beauty oozed from her was breathtaking and she literally did take my breath away, this was a side of her I met for the very first time again, I stood there rooted and she pulled me towards her, resistance was futile and so he joined her and each and every touch rubbed off on the senses, the taste was sweet and I felt like I was floating on my feet, in the night I met her again and I didn’t want it to end.

Growth process.

A man has to/be:-provide; it’s a duty


-priest(be a spiritual leader)
A woman has to/be:

-submit; not in the literalism

-homemaker; turn a house into a home

-comforter; support 
The biggest dilemma to a boy growing up is how or rather what is it to be a man, a girl growing up too will also at some point be struck by the same symptoms, how or rather what is it to be a woman.

As kids grow they look up always, they learn mainly from the hierarchy above them, they will mirror the actions of the authority thats first to them and then later that of the world outside the confinement of their resistance, pahali wanaoishi na kulelewa in African terms specific to a certain region in short.

They crawl into raising up to walk then later run, unless.

In life as you grow up or grew up, there stages, phases and tests like the final year exams that determine your next year fateful outcome from your performance.

Essentially what your child, as each one and as an individual learns comes out in the future as they grow up, how you turn out to be is dependent on what you learn as you grow up, in this modern jungle, the evolution of occurrences has morphed into the new, as nature changes after phases, so does life, it’s complicated and children grow daily in it as you did, as your parents did and as their parents did and the list goes on, only difference is that we live and lived in different time frames captured in time.

Kumbuka kwamba, mtoto umleavyo ndivo akuavyo.


Nothing was the same once the pain kicked in, personally, s/he felt left out in the midst of me, myself and I, these happenings are aftermaths of the past and a fact remains that they all are imprinted in the path time.

Just Before Dawn.

On this morning, I sat down beside the place where nature was distributed, regrowth has sprouted yet again, the rains fell, this past month has been swollen, visions of ways, things will get better, the skies show grey and the dew has already formed in the cool chill of the night, before dawn.Everyday that passes is a test, the lesson learnt is inspired, yet, self made metaphorically, I once heard that whomever feels it, knows it.

Apologies to those who offence is absorbed towards, osmosis theory in practicability.