Growth process.

A man has to/be:-provide; it’s a duty


-priest(be a spiritual leader)
A woman has to/be:

-submit; not in the literalism

-homemaker; turn a house into a home

-comforter; support 
The biggest dilemma to a boy growing up is how or rather what is it to be a man, a girl growing up too will also at some point be struck by the same symptoms, how or rather what is it to be a woman.

As kids grow they look up always, they learn mainly from the hierarchy above them, they will mirror the actions of the authority thats first to them and then later that of the world outside the confinement of their resistance, pahali wanaoishi na kulelewa in African terms specific to a certain region in short.

They crawl into raising up to walk then later run, unless.

In life as you grow up or grew up, there stages, phases and tests like the final year exams that determine your next year fateful outcome from your performance.

Essentially what your child, as each one and as an individual learns comes out in the future as they grow up, how you turn out to be is dependent on what you learn as you grow up, in this modern jungle, the evolution of occurrences has morphed into the new, as nature changes after phases, so does life, it’s complicated and children grow daily in it as you did, as your parents did and as their parents did and the list goes on, only difference is that we live and lived in different time frames captured in time.

Kumbuka kwamba, mtoto umleavyo ndivo akuavyo.


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