Lady In The Yellow Dress.

Last night was unlike any other, it started in the early hours of sleep and I felt my heart pumping faster with every moment that passed by, the distance between seemed like it was never going to slender, favour was upon him as he crisscrossed through the streets with the night hazards that hid gazing out at him.I had to cross across to the other side, the means proved to be a bit difficult to find but am glad I did.

He reached the destination and as he disembarked he had a slight tête-à-tête with the commander of the vessel, dispatched and took a stroll the final destination, a slight mixup led to an interesting encounter, it’s as if the split second split again and time moved in slow motion as she walked towards me, I felt sum’n take effect within me, niliskia kathithi, funny how a single glance can impair, upstairs was where I got lost and when I told her about it I felt a relief.

Went through the the pre entry process and met up with the rest, the tunes grooved the mood and tuned my strings to the flow of the beat, said hallo to old friends as I met new ones, long time no sees and nice to meet you, and you.

My focus shifted back to the lady in the yellow dress, yes her, I graphically stared and she noticed, my amazement exceeded as I watched her move, how beauty oozed from her was breathtaking and she literally did take my breath away, this was a side of her I met for the very first time again, I stood there rooted and she pulled me towards her, resistance was futile and so he joined her and each and every touch rubbed off on the senses, the taste was sweet and I felt like I was floating on my feet, in the night I met her again and I didn’t want it to end.


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