At The Point Where You Are.

Feel like am growing, seed with a process that is of an unknown version, eyeing for the light but surrounded by darkness, an oak tree with a mask, tasked with a challenge, may you see the light once it rises beyond the morning horizon, as I was meant to fly and soar.Aura affected and the distance between grew greater, problem phased by an experience and he exploded, exposed and the knowledge that spread, sprouted less, as fire walks along the burning area it leaves a scar patched darker.

Was told of the end, deep down I was conflicted, confused to the very core and I no longer had the peace, woke up nimechanganyikiwa, woke up nimesahaulika, slumber no longer had dreams but nightmares.

Pain creeped, sinking deeper into the abyss, taking home the unknown, a broken you is of no use to anyone, so much so, is a broken soul too.

A heart soaked in this feeling is covered with the hurting beat of every pump, it feels like acid is flowing through my veins and arteries, looking forward for healing but that’s if I’ll make it there.


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