A quotation came to mind, listening to these songs and memories contemplate on the ambiance.Yes i was born at this time and age, and right now, Jan 24th, I’m older, a day older, drowning closer to my finish line, how far off am I?

Instant as insanity, give me nothing that I know of, seeking wisdom and the line to be crossed as the finish line, is unknown, but we still drive through these streets.

Nairobi, excuse my mathematics, but, yooh I’m from 254, coded, just another integer, but I’m more than that.

Blank as a screen, tints dark and the windows rolled up, she called and the next was a story exposed best in graphic imaging. 

Imagining that i made it ever since I started this race, Michael Phelps, you’re one of me same way I’m one of you.

Do your thoughts control you au you control them?

I control them but at times it feels like they control me, I’m I possessed or I’m I just blessed? 

Reluctant, am I?

Too many questions but the answers are limited, feeling the sip juice and the fading is deeply noted.

We are all Born sinners, same way we are all born winners, in order to be forgiven, forgive yourself, love your neighbour as you do yourself.

Reference from another time zone and am zoning in the zone.

Pause for the end quote.


Drafted Picture.

When you listen in closely you can hear the vibrations that lead to every pump, every beat, every flow and as a sprouting takes place, birth of the unknown becomes a next, as a known problem, speechless and talking about it is not an issue with the same thing but of the actual.

Confused in the looping hole, hold on friend, look deep within and find yourself, in real essence, you can picture it as life, challanges exist and the facing charges direct to face, “brace for inpact!”, a thought said as the pace took step, the Best captain lead right.

Realisation of reality is a walk into the future, best blessing in existence.

Only one, knows you better than you, thinking about it is an option, but the choice is personal like oneself.

Kula Pause..

Never give a fuck but fuck what gives, tinted like screens, it’s an awakening, sorry for the nudity in text. Specs are for the readers, planners and learners.Welcome to broken 101.


Class is now in session, na demons flee once the oppression is done away with, deep down inside is the truth in every soul.

Find your light, establish your bright and you shall shine.

Heard that a mind stretched beyond it’s borderline, never returns to it’s original state.

A statement that is worth a statement, a press release, an interview, a match that’s like the stick that fires.

For You..

..after every tear is shed, after your head is bowed, after all your hope is lost, the bottom grasps you and sucks you within, you feel lost and dead to the reality of ever feeling better, torn in-between and the chocking is you gasping for breath, this is just but the feeling once felt by you at the end point, later on strength comes knocking hard on your door, dare step out if you may and meet the guest, the loud bangs simultaneously followed by the ding dong, you slowly creep up to the door as you examine your approach, reality welcomes you once again and this hit is harder than the blow that was given before to you, that which put you down, not knowing what will happen, you watched as the day dimmed and turned dark, this was the fear that rules the mind sinking in, it’s in that box where that past experience was locked, it’s in that box that exit door was shut.
Now bound by the locks that chain one down, you are a slave, like a genie to a lamp, the cause to this is like a virus outbreak, it spreads and it infects, how pathetic is it to be in this unwelcoming, sickening state, a question I personally posed to thought as the battle of the dark night passed, at dawn the skies were clear and the sun shone, as I looked at her, that smile lit up the rooms within, the white light even brighter than the past summer mornings experienced, at the end of the tunnel it was also seen, the best of what they don’t posses grows in the fields but this was now greed that sprouted within them, seeds of need planted, back then it was a good idea but before it grew, fear was lost, the strength needed to conquer was found.

My friend I urge you that this should be a reminder to you, know that those haters will always hate, this is why you grow and they, well.

Anyway embrace the future and leave the past behind you, the past should not build you down but it should grow you, remember you are not a victim but the survivor.

Focus on the best and as you do, remember once again, the cocoon does burst open and all the beauty inside splashes out, don’t allow yourself to be shot short, they that thought that you’ll be broken, were shocked as they watched as that special moment was framed in the great halls of time.

Bridge of Choice.

Should I tell you everything, I asked as the stare shone upon me, should I open these doors and let you see everything, I heard you knock and I opened way for questions, getting out of this zone comforted with personal space seemed more as a challenge than a quest.These, a some among the sum, many have the answers but are confused by the options, integrity is a personal choice, lack of it too, crafted with a vice versa effect the defects are celebrated.

As I sat there I stared deep into oblivion with a single thought running through my mind, started with a one and now am here.

Dimmed away like the lights, driving drunk is an option but the choice seemed as a worst as the things that brought pain, loosing the end and feeling alive past death, silent as numb and they neither feel nor understand.

Looking forward is a focus one sets his/her sights upon, would you slip into the temptation if I showed you how not to, would your loyalty be your friend or your enemy, remember that you can lie to everyone else but not yourself.

In short, what’s your brand, how much do you need to remain true?

Another Sixth.

As I look back and see how far we have come, I find myself smiling at my wallpapers, photos of us, staring into your eyes and I see love, hope, an unexplainable feeling that I can only feel with every single beat of my heart, I find myself needing you more, your like the oxygen behind the life.As a kid I looked for a girl, as I grew I kissed many frogs before I found my woman, the most mature and classy lady one can have, as a man now I see her as my wife, my soulmate, my best friend and my one and only.

I love the fact that we met in church, I love the fact that you gripped me from day one and left me questioning a lot, always on my mind and my fantasies had a new Queen, felt like Prince Charming, and you, my Snow White.

The fairest of them all.

Happy anniversary to my love.

I love you so much, Heaven knows and I need you to know that too.

I thank God for you, I thank God that I’ve been with you.

The Forty Afterlife.

It’s forty past the hour, the feeling is sour, when did the power loose it’s effect, defected and all seems at the edge, peeping over, the end came.The next chapter is an extension only the sleeping silent know, walking like a ghost and I ain’t no casper, reassessing my curses and am blessed to be in Heaven.

Peace be with all that I left, walking as the dead and this sketchy look is paragraphed in text, flipping sheets like sex, a master to it’s sweet taste is an obsession, addicted.

Saddest feeling is but one, never got to say goodbye, her, my best drug, my everlasting desire, attached to her like a mother to child, blood linked and the water in between we just sipped.

Am in the darkness and I lost the light, maybe the batteries drained dead, after my passing, my passion never died, forever extends beyond infinity and my next obsession will be to never feel the less and my war will be the new version of I, goodbye is not of now, the past is my memory that I’ll forever lust of us.