Bridge of Choice.

Should I tell you everything, I asked as the stare shone upon me, should I open these doors and let you see everything, I heard you knock and I opened way for questions, getting out of this zone comforted with personal space seemed more as a challenge than a quest.These, a some among the sum, many have the answers but are confused by the options, integrity is a personal choice, lack of it too, crafted with a vice versa effect the defects are celebrated.

As I sat there I stared deep into oblivion with a single thought running through my mind, started with a one and now am here.

Dimmed away like the lights, driving drunk is an option but the choice seemed as a worst as the things that brought pain, loosing the end and feeling alive past death, silent as numb and they neither feel nor understand.

Looking forward is a focus one sets his/her sights upon, would you slip into the temptation if I showed you how not to, would your loyalty be your friend or your enemy, remember that you can lie to everyone else but not yourself.

In short, what’s your brand, how much do you need to remain true?


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