For You..

..after every tear is shed, after your head is bowed, after all your hope is lost, the bottom grasps you and sucks you within, you feel lost and dead to the reality of ever feeling better, torn in-between and the chocking is you gasping for breath, this is just but the feeling once felt by you at the end point, later on strength comes knocking hard on your door, dare step out if you may and meet the guest, the loud bangs simultaneously followed by the ding dong, you slowly creep up to the door as you examine your approach, reality welcomes you once again and this hit is harder than the blow that was given before to you, that which put you down, not knowing what will happen, you watched as the day dimmed and turned dark, this was the fear that rules the mind sinking in, it’s in that box where that past experience was locked, it’s in that box that exit door was shut.
Now bound by the locks that chain one down, you are a slave, like a genie to a lamp, the cause to this is like a virus outbreak, it spreads and it infects, how pathetic is it to be in this unwelcoming, sickening state, a question I personally posed to thought as the battle of the dark night passed, at dawn the skies were clear and the sun shone, as I looked at her, that smile lit up the rooms within, the white light even brighter than the past summer mornings experienced, at the end of the tunnel it was also seen, the best of what they don’t posses grows in the fields but this was now greed that sprouted within them, seeds of need planted, back then it was a good idea but before it grew, fear was lost, the strength needed to conquer was found.

My friend I urge you that this should be a reminder to you, know that those haters will always hate, this is why you grow and they, well.

Anyway embrace the future and leave the past behind you, the past should not build you down but it should grow you, remember you are not a victim but the survivor.

Focus on the best and as you do, remember once again, the cocoon does burst open and all the beauty inside splashes out, don’t allow yourself to be shot short, they that thought that you’ll be broken, were shocked as they watched as that special moment was framed in the great halls of time.


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