A quotation came to mind, listening to these songs and memories contemplate on the ambiance.Yes i was born at this time and age, and right now, Jan 24th, I’m older, a day older, drowning closer to my finish line, how far off am I?

Instant as insanity, give me nothing that I know of, seeking wisdom and the line to be crossed as the finish line, is unknown, but we still drive through these streets.

Nairobi, excuse my mathematics, but, yooh I’m from 254, coded, just another integer, but I’m more than that.

Blank as a screen, tints dark and the windows rolled up, she called and the next was a story exposed best in graphic imaging. 

Imagining that i made it ever since I started this race, Michael Phelps, you’re one of me same way I’m one of you.

Do your thoughts control you au you control them?

I control them but at times it feels like they control me, I’m I possessed or I’m I just blessed? 

Reluctant, am I?

Too many questions but the answers are limited, feeling the sip juice and the fading is deeply noted.

We are all Born sinners, same way we are all born winners, in order to be forgiven, forgive yourself, love your neighbour as you do yourself.

Reference from another time zone and am zoning in the zone.

Pause for the end quote.


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