I want you to hate me, I want you to not love the unnecessary, especially a mistake.

Just as you’ve done, keep doing, a routine is best when followed, work towards avoiding mistakes, resolve all.

Not all that matters actually does matter, one can promise you much but hurt is a result because of the absence of what was as tasked.

Pain is vanity, but how can that be if reality serves it differently.

Feeling as a fool, feeling as one because of the same reason that’s repeated, like that show on the television.

Ends meet, new beginnings sprout, we all lack, we all have, advice from the wise, the neck will never be above the head, unless technically there is a change I know none of, it’s a phenomena.

Mistakes are remade to better the error, change is good but not all that looks well is well.

Lies conflict the chest, damage the brain and kill the soul.


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