It’s sad how much you can hurt, it’s sad how much you can be treated as nothing much but as crap, it’s sad how one can disrespect you so much and act like nothing ever happened.It’s sad how one can lie to your face and even when they tell you the truth, you still consider it a big fat lie, it’s sad how someone can toy your trust and when it’s broken, they act like a kid who stole some sugar and all the evidence is smeared all over their face.

It’s sad when the person you love causes you unbearable pain like it’s nothing to them, numb they are like dead, they pretend and you believe in them blindly because of the feeling deep within.

Open scars never heal, deep wounds hurt within, all seen seems real, in this case, the victim was stupid to believe in the victimiser, history surely repeats itself, the limit is the epitome of the situation in hand, words spoken and overheard by those around, the blood of the one who shed was used as the ink to seal the deal.

Distraction from there brought death, to both of them but not of them.


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