Soul Search. 

Found myself flirting with vodka, I knew her name but not her culture, problems come up and we housed them within us as the common commoners, this was initially interesting because we spoke the same tongue from our mother sides were blooded different, you know, we all came from the woman as Tupac said, do you believe that au you see that, birth in the wards and the new blessing is a gift but the thing is that we barely understood each other, we crossed paths just before dawn, the sun rose slow and it was for a reason I believed.Did I trust this, the answer was debated, before the actual was precisely decided on.

Onward from the distance between us it was, all looked sketchy and the singing of the birds was a height that was more deferential, how much I remember that we wanted it but couldn’t have it, how we saw brave but never had the courage to express it, this noise overheard this from our past and in our thoughts.

Whispers spread through the area like rats in the sewer, gossip caught the fever and we were the underdogs, in our dens we waited, listening deeply, to the changes but it wasn’t drastic as that of the weather.

Trust is enough, but, it’s limited to the experience and understanding because you allow everyone and everything inside and whomever or whatever hurts you creates a scar on your soul.

Imagine if your mind was heaven, we would all be different but still unique.


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