Walking the Run.

I see through the cracks in the walls you put up, I look to find out what’s really up because I notice the different facial expressions you feature like an advertisement, I find myself caring too much for the best of you yet I still hurt from the disasters at heart, torn away from the very fabric that’s woven to bind the edges closer to the essence of the reality before the rift, once upon a time there was a complete feel that’s now faded like these rags I wear.Colour torn like the collar of this shirt, I ripped off the page and measured the gauge by the time I saw the end of day, I walked away with my earphones shouting loud to my eardrums, the beats brought noise to the understanding of my brain and I just nodded, jotting down the memos from my mental notes.

Scripts made by the author.

Mind blown by the passing winds, sails set up and I’m visually impaired but fixated on the light that dimmed out slowly as sleep came to collet it’s dues for slumber.

I watched as you walked away and peace negotiations between the two sides took a toll from the beginning of the chapter, key factors broke me up individually, been demented by a curse you out on me and every fallen angel has their personal pain, broken wings don’t flock with the flow no more, am steady on my two step, on route eleven and the walk is worth a run for your money.

Hustling for better options, opportunities and obligations.


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