Judgment In Whispers

It’s common for one to see or hear the things others think you don’t or haven’t, one may assume deafness or blindness to it but in the real sense, one just ignored what they heard or saw.

On a stroll one Sunny afternoon, I heard, from the corner of my eye, I saw, with the marks exposed in the form of puncher wounds, my back complained, how it could be was an explanation that came to mind, it happened for a reason, well enough to the absence of the exposure, distance just showed the truth that leaked, a code word may change status but what abou the milk they silled in the process, they thought it and I heard it.

What’s the true definition of friend, a looping question in the minds of many yet the answer was taught at birth, wisdom may show you sum’n about knowledge but how you handle it bridges you to the understanding that you need.

Indeed as they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Gossip can create much if the gossiped is present, see what much can do less, hear and don’t listen, the events that happened taught truth and all I see is the reality in the absence of boundaries, honesty exposed; people will always talk about sum’n, you can be a topic or a statistic, a book judged by the cover is never clear to the reader.

A person is as great as his or her unknown potential and to haters, they actually knowthemselves because parrots flock together with their kind and cracks reveal much in a seated pair.


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