Sideline Watcher.

When the child in me used to be alive, I was the pride of my own kind, now I look different in my old time, I found a way to survive, I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I know that I had mine.
Blank as a plain paper, came from nothing to sum’n, script down your tale as a story to those yet to come, evil is what you make it yet it’s all around us, the irony in it is that it’s sum’n avoided by a way.
Live life free, it’s written, you can even read it, paranoia is weird when you let it be, meaningful words are tokens, the wise know the exposure and understand it.
What about you, what about who, when will you, sorry is the simplest believe that one means it, the past is a lesson depending on the viewer, sweet memories are made a new when the acceptance is paid off.
Open up and let them see the wounds heal, scars remain as the beauty that you survived, based on a true story, love is just between they that seal, confessions are realistic if they hurt, if they bring joy in the form of tears.
Remember and learn, wisdom is enough to teach how to love and peace comes from the understanding, you’re blessed, imagine ever step into the future is breath, sweeter than any sweet.


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