What’s The Cost?

In the silence that clouded my mind, I tried to find the peace in the pain that arose like smoke, falling to pieces as the dust blew along with the wind, at war and loosing felt as the sweetest pain, who do you trust if you can’t even face yourself, mirrors just image the image just trapped in the reflection and why it happens is the dilemma that answers the answer without question.

Believing that am a born sinner as the rest who also waits to be among the winners but am disappointed by the current progress, I keep falling back to the same place, these trenches dig up the hurt again, wound blessed, so is it best to end it if it keeps repeating itself, a constant loop with an unknown end, my power is limited like the view through tinted windows and the noises in my head grew loud as time flew by as a spectrum perfected by the common human perception that is fake.

Dreaming big is a gift and the visions sometimes feel real, wondering why I see myself big yet I still look small, magnify the glass so the image is nice, smooth looks smart twists with slick moves are a questionable level of swag for some and to others none of that even matters.

Love yours and be happy for what you have, you own it better because only you understands the struggles you face.

They tried to eliminate us by the different versions of changing all to a common species, we same but different, the society, retro, but reality is different.


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