Dreadful Wishes.

Wish I was dead, gone with the wind and dusted away as the problem. 

Wish I felt nothing, from touch, emotion, this notion that’s my own concoction, my distortion, the distraction that makes the news in the nation that papered my passionate poison that’s enslaved me in this place.

Wish numb concurred and the winter would act in it within, in the river of darkness being cold as death seems as a sweet option, no one cares about the gone after six feet locks you bones in the earth.

Wish the peace was with me as it once was before I let my walls down, I feel alive too much to struggle to end.

Wish the pain would end, but I wonder if it’ll ever come to be, my soul bleeds too now, you got there and left without saying anything but the mess was evident as you can see, my wishes my losses. 

Wish I could trust those that need to be.

Wish lies never broke me. 


Broken Promises. 

On this device I saw a system divided, a home with no rules that protect the values that are sacred to the rules they want to build.

Dust reeks in the field, it’s dusk and as glances are thrown back and forth, between the lines are messages decoded, detailed are they to the script jotted down by the two halves that have one.

Do you have a big deal about the future, this question sighted at thought, I wish I were, or rather I wish it were different, see these wounds covered with used bandages, no deal is of it until you realise the sickening reality behind the truth, heal your scars, marked for life with the curse, your past is your burden, and your reality is your hell.

Peace be with you at this hour, the nest is a resting place, east or west home is best, different experiences with different friends, paths crossed for reasons, changes happen as the seasons.

Stuck in traffic and I was remembering that which I learnt today, identified as a messy situation, this nation has people whom bleed, close your eyes and look for the truth.

Look closely and you’ll notice the cracks on the walls, be careful before it falls.

I feel sorry for you, I’ll just worry that much for you, karma is real as the bitch that bites if you mess with her puppies, funny how people are, sad how words seem to be nothing especially if they were vowed at the altar. 

Undying Ruins. 

This morning I had a chat, a tête-à-tête to be exact, mainly, it was an impromptu planned visit, as the exchanges happened, the words spoken shared a detailed expression but only the truth was to be shared, reality in plain context, was that that was to be to be exact.
Comma struck, some visions appear blur than others, why, is it only the one who asked that matters now, you know. 
We all have mental problems, a sickness only the victims can have in them, installed as a program to say the least
I come from a home broken, so immense is the damage that you no longer see the cracks on the walls but the ruins that lay as a detailed reminder of what was before.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, black or white.
The beauty in loving someone is offering undying trust, without restrains.


You’ll always have stabs that mark your back, even if you open up to trust you’ll always get hurt from all those in your various circles, if you pass, they’ll still talk in whispers, gaze behind their open shades, remember to pray for them, peace comes from the heart, just forgive and forget, just swallow the bitterness that ashes your mouth.
Some things are never silent because they always talk in your mind, complicated voices I say, nightmares and dreams are made from curved visions. 

Under The Candle Light

The candle lit room seemed more different; everything looked simple, quiet, and peaceful.

I must say, an interrogation of the mind, the kind we as mankind call a curious inquisitive mindset bloomed as the flowers in the spring time.
Life, a carefully scripted sequence in the frames on time, like a story, it deepened with the stroke of the quail, memories are made, are being made, the story has an in-depth history; shortly you remember, that day, that pain, fear of the dark, you quiet down as the beat of your heart slowly increases, ‘where did the light come from’, each answer led to the next and on to the next, like in a test, the quest is at its best.

See yourself in the mirror, the beauty lies deep within you, in His image we are made, how Great is, was and always will be Our Farther in Heaven, appreciate whom you are, unique and different as your neighbour to you, our differences make us stronger, love is key and this I say, as an echo to the words of a very Wise Man at a time far much before mine, that Sacrifice that saved us all, the blood that Saved us all, Shed on the cross, depth was six inches, through His palms and feet, turn away from evil, it destroys, picture a broken tooth, the result of its fate, need I not say, its surely known, the story was once told, a believer was made, the storm within became calm, the protector I found in He, strong we are as one in Christ, though the night was dark, in the morning the sun shines, inspirational was this to this soul, I pray the message from the song, Asusu.

It touches hearts as it has mine, this was the tale, this was the story untold.

”Under The Candle Light” by Ngush

Before and After.

Have you ever been needed?
Have you ever been cheated?
Have you ever been driven to the brink and failed to snap?
Have you ever been examined as scrap?

Reality whispers truth in secrets, benefits come to those who invest as friends but do you realise the temptation before or after the lust, where does trust stand, in the past or future, this only determined by the presence of the present as it questions your capability to understand the logic behind me(the individual), the difference between the victim to a parallel sin.

What’s wrong with me, what are the issues that affect me, what’s the cause of this uncommon glitch, what are the answers if all the questions are left blank?

In the dark and I see the shadows cast images on the walls, outside, the rumbling of the night life calls, looking back at simple lessons, sayings and teachings, guidelines for the next, the content deep in the context that flows underneath your skin.

What’s the truth about it, what are the things that hurt, what’s the reaction to the realisation, what will you do once you learn the truth?

Wounds heal, scars remain as reminders, my weaknesses are a lesson, just hope you’re never broken.


In this time and space, loss it is, bleeding uncontrollably with these wounds that tore underneath the skin, I feel blessed with the pain as each drip poured.
Sulking in bed, my pillows knew how much I lost, every stain shed a cost, pain is vanity yet it hurts a whole lot. 
If you listen to the opinion of others, you loose conserving yours. 
Never thought I’d say this, but am glad to know this, but I question is it really this?

You sound like someone else speaking behind you voice, death is instant but other things don’t die, the either fade away or remain the same, in rare cases they even grow.