Whole Broken Pieces. 

Woke up from the amnesia, saw things differently and from another angular light, despite the fright and the pounding that waved in his head, he saw nothing else but wondered.”What is this I now sow”.
Fresh from the farm, the products wreak with a wrecking stench, the walls collapsed and the curtain was drawn. It was a while before he saw light, darkness was in power during his blackout.
Changes occurred and dust settled in place, the heat had fried some of his brains they thought.
Reality had but patched a different route in the story.
The saddest thing was to wake and find all the lies staring behind masks.
Lies kill.
Lies destroy. 
Lies evict.
Lies wound.
Lies serve a purpose that breaks the very essence of sanity in truth and trust.
Lies conjure darkness that shines away the light. 
Lies take away the breath that provided life to the soul.

Take it from me, I have a history with what lies have done to me. 
Take it from experience, I have scars that show how bad the war was. 
Take it, spread the word and use my story to teach.
It still hurts.
It still burns.
It still destroys my dreams.
It still doesn’t want to disappear as simple as it appeared.
I still wake up in the middle of the night because the nightmares still haunt my peace.


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