She knows, you do too.

Morning sprung.On the ride home and I feel split like a personality, wondering if I’m bipolar.

Who knows except you, who knows?
My head ached as I took those deep breaths, the cold of dawn always gets to me, these thoughts I shared.
Now the pain in my chest kills me, I’m tormented, feeling uneasy and I can’t rest, I’m afraid of sleeping, these dreams I see seem sweet but they really are all these nightmares, you know what I mean yet you’ve been shutting me out. 
Knocking on your door waiting on a response from you but you’re turning numb, deaf to my calls and I can feel myself dying, growing weak, how did things get this foul, one day all was well now, well, you know what I mean.
I lack focus, I’ve lost myself, all the other whispers cannot clear away your voice, the others keep talking in my head and they are driving me crazy, you silenced the voices, now the curse is alive, my demons haunting me, taunting me and I feel so bad for this stage in this phase because my sanity is not with me. 


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