Before and After.

Have you ever been needed?
Have you ever been cheated?
Have you ever been driven to the brink and failed to snap?
Have you ever been examined as scrap?

Reality whispers truth in secrets, benefits come to those who invest as friends but do you realise the temptation before or after the lust, where does trust stand, in the past or future, this only determined by the presence of the present as it questions your capability to understand the logic behind me(the individual), the difference between the victim to a parallel sin.

What’s wrong with me, what are the issues that affect me, what’s the cause of this uncommon glitch, what are the answers if all the questions are left blank?

In the dark and I see the shadows cast images on the walls, outside, the rumbling of the night life calls, looking back at simple lessons, sayings and teachings, guidelines for the next, the content deep in the context that flows underneath your skin.

What’s the truth about it, what are the things that hurt, what’s the reaction to the realisation, what will you do once you learn the truth?

Wounds heal, scars remain as reminders, my weaknesses are a lesson, just hope you’re never broken.


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