Under The Candle Light

The candle lit room seemed more different; everything looked simple, quiet, and peaceful.

I must say, an interrogation of the mind, the kind we as mankind call a curious inquisitive mindset bloomed as the flowers in the spring time.
Life, a carefully scripted sequence in the frames on time, like a story, it deepened with the stroke of the quail, memories are made, are being made, the story has an in-depth history; shortly you remember, that day, that pain, fear of the dark, you quiet down as the beat of your heart slowly increases, ‘where did the light come from’, each answer led to the next and on to the next, like in a test, the quest is at its best.

See yourself in the mirror, the beauty lies deep within you, in His image we are made, how Great is, was and always will be Our Farther in Heaven, appreciate whom you are, unique and different as your neighbour to you, our differences make us stronger, love is key and this I say, as an echo to the words of a very Wise Man at a time far much before mine, that Sacrifice that saved us all, the blood that Saved us all, Shed on the cross, depth was six inches, through His palms and feet, turn away from evil, it destroys, picture a broken tooth, the result of its fate, need I not say, its surely known, the story was once told, a believer was made, the storm within became calm, the protector I found in He, strong we are as one in Christ, though the night was dark, in the morning the sun shines, inspirational was this to this soul, I pray the message from the song, Asusu.

It touches hearts as it has mine, this was the tale, this was the story untold.

”Under The Candle Light” by Ngush


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