Undying Ruins. 

This morning I had a chat, a tête-à-tête to be exact, mainly, it was an impromptu planned visit, as the exchanges happened, the words spoken shared a detailed expression but only the truth was to be shared, reality in plain context, was that that was to be to be exact.
Comma struck, some visions appear blur than others, why, is it only the one who asked that matters now, you know. 
We all have mental problems, a sickness only the victims can have in them, installed as a program to say the least
I come from a home broken, so immense is the damage that you no longer see the cracks on the walls but the ruins that lay as a detailed reminder of what was before.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, black or white.
The beauty in loving someone is offering undying trust, without restrains.


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