Broken Promises. 

On this device I saw a system divided, a home with no rules that protect the values that are sacred to the rules they want to build.

Dust reeks in the field, it’s dusk and as glances are thrown back and forth, between the lines are messages decoded, detailed are they to the script jotted down by the two halves that have one.

Do you have a big deal about the future, this question sighted at thought, I wish I were, or rather I wish it were different, see these wounds covered with used bandages, no deal is of it until you realise the sickening reality behind the truth, heal your scars, marked for life with the curse, your past is your burden, and your reality is your hell.

Peace be with you at this hour, the nest is a resting place, east or west home is best, different experiences with different friends, paths crossed for reasons, changes happen as the seasons.

Stuck in traffic and I was remembering that which I learnt today, identified as a messy situation, this nation has people whom bleed, close your eyes and look for the truth.

Look closely and you’ll notice the cracks on the walls, be careful before it falls.

I feel sorry for you, I’ll just worry that much for you, karma is real as the bitch that bites if you mess with her puppies, funny how people are, sad how words seem to be nothing especially if they were vowed at the altar. 


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