Dreadful Wishes.

Wish I was dead, gone with the wind and dusted away as the problem. 

Wish I felt nothing, from touch, emotion, this notion that’s my own concoction, my distortion, the distraction that makes the news in the nation that papered my passionate poison that’s enslaved me in this place.

Wish numb concurred and the winter would act in it within, in the river of darkness being cold as death seems as a sweet option, no one cares about the gone after six feet locks you bones in the earth.

Wish the peace was with me as it once was before I let my walls down, I feel alive too much to struggle to end.

Wish the pain would end, but I wonder if it’ll ever come to be, my soul bleeds too now, you got there and left without saying anything but the mess was evident as you can see, my wishes my losses. 

Wish I could trust those that need to be.

Wish lies never broke me. 


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